Home Sweet Home

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I remember being a kid and thinking "YAY, it's saturday" and now as I sit here typing this I am thinking "hmmm it's Saturday". Saturday used to be filled with fun things to do, but now as an adult it is just another day of the week. BOO! Sure we get up, eat breakfast as a family and then hurry up, get ready aaaaannnnnddd sit. :( Maybe it's the weather getting me down but I am so used to being up and ready to go go go that on days when we don't have anything planned, even I just get bored. With bordem comes crabbies for both me and the kids and when the kids get crabby everything else is just down hill... Sure we play board games, cards, watch movies and so on but that is getting old very quickly. SO I will put it out there, what do you do on saturdays (that doesn't cost a lot of money)?

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