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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amazing Product for Mom's of little Artists!!!

Pictures are up all over my house, on my doors, stuck to my fridge, tacked on bulletin board and even on mirrors. These aren't just any pictures but the ones my little one's have made for me. Whether they be from school or just ones they made on a rainy day. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Well it was starting to drive me crazy. I love their art work, I really do but I wanted to be able to display it a better way and that is when I found these... Lil'Davinci Art Frames  from www.hearthsong.com They are AMAZING. They hold 50 pieces of art work and can be hung in either direction AND they have a hinge so you can just open them as easily as you open a cabinet door without removing them from the wall! I have two (one for each kid) and hung them in our living room. Now not only is it displayed in a nice neat way it also makes my kids so proud of what they have done because it is in the living room for all to see! : ) Honestly this was too good of a find to keep to myself.

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