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Friday, April 22, 2011

Caden and "the force"...

I love love love this commercial, as does everyone in my family. I bring up this commercial because it reminds me of Caden and what he did; here is the play by play.
Last night at dinner we sit down and I look over at Caden. I am waiting for the "ewww, I don't like this" comment to come and what I find is Caden with his eyes closed holding his open hand out in front of his plate. He then opens his eyes and says "aawww, it's still there". LOL! After all of us watching him do this a few times, Kevin asks him what he is doing. Caden looks up at us and says "trying to use the force to make my food disappear". LOL! He was dead serious in his statement and we played along. "Obviously the force isn't strong with you my dear and you will have to eat your dinner like every other non-Jedi. Sorry honey, better luck next time." We almost died of laughter and now we know he has taken his love of Star Wars to a whole new level... he thinks he is a Jedi. 

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