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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Proud Parent Moments.

     There are several  proud moments when your a parent. Your proud when your kids achieve something with practice. Your proud when they complete something without your help. Your proud when overcome a fear or try something for the first time. Your proud when you see that they have heard what you said and apply it to their lives. Then there is the moment that comes when you are proud of your child because of a God given talent. YOU had no part in this success it was ALL them. God gave them the ability and skill to do something amazing and that is the kind of moment I had yesterday!
      Taylor painted a picture of a clown at school and her art teacher chose her clown to be part of the district wide Art Fair. The teacher sent a letter home telling us it would be on display at Northtown Mall and that it is an honor to have your art work chosen because only 1 per class is chosen. Of course both Kevin and I were so excited and of course Taylor in her modest ways decided she was convinced that more than just her art was chosen from her class. So yesterday we took her to see the Art fair. When she finally saw with her own eyes that only her art was chosen from her class she started to glow. She was so proud of her work and efforts that you couldn't wipe the grin off her face. It was in that moment that I realized she did that painting ALL BY HERSELF.
    God has given her an amazing talent in art. She loves art and everything that comes with it. I am so proud of my little artist and so thankful for the gift God has given her. : )

                                                                       April 2011


  1. Aww this warms my heart! Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful and talented little girl! :)

  2. Awe :) Beautiful post thank you SO much for sharing this!! Congratulations to Taylor as well her painting is amazing she is quite the talented little artist :)